GET TO KNOW catrina

Author, Consultant, and Realtor, Catrina Slade is passionate about sharing her wisdom and life experiences to help educate, motivate, and inspire others to be the best version themselves that they can be.

She was born in Hampton, VA and raised in Richmond, VA where she completed her general education. Catrina earned a B.A. in Government and Political Science from George Mason University. She received her M.B.A. in Business and Human Resources Management from the American Sentinel University where she is an Adjunct Professor. Catrina is also the proud mother of her beautiful daughter​.

Through her transparency, Catrina is following her purpose as a personal and professional development consultant, who has a heart-felt desire to coach individuals in all areas of their lives. As a visionary and humanitarian, she shares her story and life experiences with her clients to help them focus on looking within, loving oneself, and doing the work to “Be the Change” for a more rewarding and purposeful life. Catrina’s 20+ years of consulting experience has given her the expertise in providing leadership skills, tools for personal growth, and business development strategies for her clients.

She is passionate about empowering others and has served as a mentor to her younger client base encouraging them to embrace their self-worth, build their self-confidence, and cultivate their leadership abilities. Her consulting programs are designed to help other clients identify and fulfill their purpose. Catrina encourages and provides transparent conversations with goal setting strategies to ensure individual success. She feels a calling to empower other women to heal and open their hearts to an awakening of self to start their journey to a new way of being to live a life on purpose.

“If you are not changing, you are not growing.” Dana LaMon, DTM

Are you ready to level up and embrace the power within You?

My Core Values & Belief System


She understands the challenges we face in our personal and professional lives. Her number one priority is the importance of living a life of integrity and humility.


She is committed to helping individuals and businesses establish strategies for achieving their career goals while maintaining self-confidence and success. Her innovative techniques promote an overall healthy, work-life balance lifestyle. 


She is an avid believer in exercising honesty and building trust. Her transparency and desire to create a platform that provides visibility in facing challenges and obstacles “head on” ultimately fostering healing, growth and a sense of gratitude.


As a visionary, Catrina’s passion and purpose is to help you realize that your heart’s desires are possible and attainable when you believe and trust in yourself. She loves to speak life into every person or opportunity she is presented with. Catrina stresses the importance of focusing on yourself and learning to set healthy boundaries in order to thrive in life and be the person you desire to be.

The dedication to work on yourself is the first step in preparing you for the life you deserve to live. Her goal is to share her knowledge and experiences to ensure you attract positive people and opportunities to your life. Catrina wants to give you the tools necessary to transform your mind, body and spirit personally while achieving success in your career and business professionally.

It’s time to re-invent yourself by uncovering the power you possess. This journey of self-discovery will unleash the passion and purpose you have within. Your true potential is right there. Let her inspire you to own it and start living it!


“Catrina has been very instrumental in my professional development. When I met Catrina she was a team leader at an organization we both worked for. Catrina’s immense knowledge in Project Management helped our team perform very effectively. I developed a great working relationship with Catrina and eventually she became a trusted mentor. She has given me outstanding advice regarding my business goals, and general life questions that we all have about living life to our fullest potential. I consider Catrina an amazing businesswoman, Coach, and friend and I’m so thankful that we met!”

Mari Coefield

Founder, DM Consulting LLC

“Having Catrina as my mentor has been a blessing thus far. Catrina is personable, kind-hearted, and highly knowledgeable in areas such as: career coaching, financial planning, budgeting, life coaching, and spiritual coaching. Catrina is always there when I need her and sincerely has my best interest at heart. Catrina has helped me grow individually and professionally, and I can not thank her enough. My definition of Catrina is “Super Woman” because she does it all and she does it extremely well! <3”

Chamia McKoy

“I have know Catrina for about 5 years. Catrina is highly professional, very supportive and empowering. She has mentored me in my career and has a very caring and personal approach to coaching. She wants to help you in your professional career but, in addition, will help in any life event that you may be struggling with. I highly recommend Catrina in your professional growth and career advancement. She is a wonderful human being!!!”
Barbara K.

“Catrina Slade has been a great benefactor in my life for almost a decade. She has been a spiritual confidant throughout our friendship. She is a born leader. I admire her dedication and entrepreneurial skills. Her kindheartedness allows her to easily connect with people. Her personality is magnetic and motivational.

I admire the work she does at Empowerhouse, helping domestic abuse survivors also other organizations she volunteered like: Girl Scouts and the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) preparing our youth for the future. She is a devoted light bearer and an inspiration. As she continues Life Coaching and mentoring, I am sure she’ll continue to impact the lives of many in profound ways.”

David E. Lloyd, Jr.