Catrina Slade, LLC

Catrina’s passion and purpose is to help you realize that your heart’s desires are possible and attainable when you believe and trust in yourself. She loves to speak life into every person or opportunity she is presented with. Catrina stresses the importance of focusing on yourself and learning to set healthy boundaries in order to thrive in life and be the person you desire to be. 

The dedication to work on yourself is the first step in preparing you for the life you deserve to live. Her goal is to share her knowledge and experiences to ensure you attract positive people and opportunities to your life. Catrina wants to give you the tools necessary to transform your mind, body and spirit personally while achieving success in your career and business professionally. 

It’s time to re-invent yourself by uncovering the power you possess. This journey of self-discovery will unleash the passion and purpose you have within. Your true potential is right there. Let her inspire you to own it and start living it!